Biomaterials Research

650 sqm of laboratories equipped for biomaterials synthesis and characterisation. With an area for synthesis and a large area for characterisation, including:

  • Chromatography: HPLC, GPC, GPC-triple detector.
  • Spectroscopy: UV, FTIR, fluorescence.
  • Thermal characterisation of polymers: TGA, DSC.
  • Mechanical characterisation: DMA, rheometer, Instron, tribometer, viscosimetry.
  • Particle size: DLS, Master sizer, viscosizer.
  • Other devices: Nanophotomiter, RT-PCR, Karl Fisher.

Clean rooms for biomaterials development

Includes two laminar flow rooms for handling sensitive materials (e.g., gene therapy, endotoxin control, etc.).

A freeze dryer for cycle development, and a pilot scale freeze dryer.

Separate laboratories for the development of medical devices, and scaling of nanoparticles (microwave reactors, reactors up to 10 L, continuous production equipment, TFF).

Cosmetics pilot plant

With equipment for the development of encapsulation technologies (10 L reactor with mechanical stirring, high-pressure homogeniser with small-scale equipment for the development of formulations and pilot equipment).

Cell-culture laboratory

With the capacity to carry out studies on cytotoxicity and biocompatibility of materials, transfection, or skin models.

Microscopy laboratories

Which includes various devices for biomaterials characterisation, such as AFM, FESEM, optical and fluorescence microscopy (inverted and upright microscopes).