Technology transfer is one of our top priorities

We work for sectors where developments take years of research. We use different tools to accelerate the time to market. Thus, when we see that a certain technology has potential, we develop channels to continue our research at higher levels.

This has led to the creation of two spin-offs that continue the work started at CIDETEC Nanomedicine:


Develops new drug formulations for the treatment of various pulmonary conditions. It uses the KuDa platform (patented technology), consisting of small nanoparticles (less than 20 nm in size) specially designed for drug delivery by inhalation.


Skin requirements vary from day to day and from person to person. Emissary has a patented polypeptide-based encapsulation technology, identifying the needs of each type of skin, modulating the activity of the capsules to provide maximum efficacy. A technology that responds to the latest trends in personalised cosmetics, allowing accelerated or sustained release of active ingredients, depending on the needs of each type of skin.