Biomaterials for healthcare products

Biomaterials for healthcare products

CIDETEC Nanomedicine offers companies in the sector its know-how in the synthesis of biomaterials and bioactive coatings to develop new, more advanced products.

It uses hydrogels of synthetic and natural origin in applications such as traumatology and ophthalmology.


Highly hydrophilic coatings capable of generating a surface gel

Coatings based on synthetic, non-biodegradable polymers capable of forming a functional surface in the form of a gel.

The coating can be applied on various materials (CrCo, polyethylene, ceramics, PEEK, titanium...), and can be generated from different polymers that are synthesised and anchored to the surface during production.

In the presence of water, they swell up to 50 times their original size, maintaining a stable wet film.

Hydrogels with self-healing properties

Hydrogels of both natural and synthetic origin which, when cross-linked through reversible bonds, can break and recover their mechanical properties on contact.

This makes it possible to generate injectable and printable hydrogels. In addition, some of them have been shown to have shock absorption capabilities, as they become harder hydrogels when sheared.


In the healthcare product sector, CIDETEC has specialised knowledge in the design and characterization of biomaterials

Our regulatory knowledge allows us to make effective progress in generating products with high added value.

In this field we have solutions for applications in orthopaedics and ophthalmology.

Up to 80% reduction of polyethylene wear in prostheses

The technology simulates the surface of natural cartilage which, covered with a thin layer of proteoglycans, attracts moisture, and reduces the friction coefficient of the cartilage surface.

The technology developed by CIDETEC produces a protective gel in the prosthesis set, reducing polyethylene wear by up to 80%.

The coatings are highly hydrophilic, stable over the lifetime of the prothesis, and can be applied on different types of materials such as CrCo, Ceramics, UHMWPE, XPE and others.


  • Great versatility for different substrates and friction torques
  • Reduction in wear
  • Highly biocompatible
  • High stability
  • Functionality bench tested up to 6 million cycles

New solutions in ophthalmology

Together with the company AJL Ophthalmic, CIDETEC has been developing different ophthalmic implants, including a keratoprosthesis with a porous skirt which has been modified to achieve better integration.

In addition, we are working on the development of hydrogels of both synthetic and natural origin to generate solutions for the treatment of glaucoma.


  • Customized solutions
  • Experts in biomaterials, including hydrogels
  • We work in controlled environments