Cidetec Nanomedicine

Cidetec Nanomedicine is an applied research centre specialising in the development of innovative technologies and materials in the field of biomedicine.

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We develop


Drug delivery platforms for pulmonary and skin administration, incorporating different active ingredients, including antibiotics or RNA.


Active ingredient encapsulation systems for skin application, capable of gradually releasing substances according to the needs of each type of skin.


Biomaterials for medical devices for use in traumatology and ophthalmology.

Skin to skin

Behind the technology developed by CIDETEC Nanomedicine there is a highly qualified multidisciplinary team capable of anticipating the needs of the market to provide the best solutions.

Business model

Our business model is based on the generation of proprietary technology through different lines of research linked to biomedicine. We currently have six patent families with potential applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices. We are looking for opportunities to transform this technology into differentiating products with high added value that can be transferred to the market.

At the same time, we continue to work on innovative lines of research such as non-viral vectors or microbial resistance.

We are part of a great technological complex made up of three leading international institutes in energy storage, surface engineering and nanomedicine

Cidetec Global Figures

260 Clientes en actividades de I+D en 2022
260 People in workforce
8 Spin-offs
82 H2020 & HEU Projects
32 Active patent families
20 Thesis in progress

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